3 Smart Reasons to Buy New Oven Accessory Equipment

You’ve taken the leap and invested in a new industrial oven (smokehouse, dehydrator, or steam oven) to optimize your cooking operation, but now you have a question to answer: What about the oven accessory equipment?

You’ve taken the leap and invested in a new industrial oven (smokehouse, dehydrator, or steam oven) to optimize your cooking operation, but now you have a question to answer: What about the oven accessory equipment?

Trucks, trays, racks, smoke sticks — the list goes on and on.

If you’re like most food processors, the temptation is to just stick with the oven accessory equipment you already have, especially if they will fit in your new oven. You did just drop a good amount of money on a new oven, why would you want to spend even more to get all new accessories?

Making the investment in a new industrial oven is the perfect time to invest in new oven accessory equipment — all the carts, racks, trucks, trays, and everything else you’ll need to move product in and out of your oven.

Here are 3 main reasons why:

Better Oven Airflow

Manufacturers of industrial ovens are coming out with new and innovative technology to control the airflow in the oven. These new ovens allow you to direct airflow exactly where you want it to optimize your product yields and consistency throughout the entire rack.

This new technology relies on trucks, racks, and trays that are optimized to allow air to circulate better.

Chances are, the trucks, racks, and trays you currently have are not optimized to work with this new technology, especially if they were purchased years ago. Large surface areas that face the oven walls (especially along the bottom of the rack), wide spacing between shelves, even too thick of a frame can all hinder the airflow in your oven.

The manufacturer of your industrial oven likely offers accessory equipment with their ovens — equipment that has been designed to optimize the airflow in the oven and work with this new technology.

If you’re going to drop thousands of dollars on a new oven to control the airflow, it’s in your best interest to spring for the accessory equipment that optimizes the airflow.

Fits Your Industrial Oven

While many industrial ovens are becoming more standardized to fit a wider variety of trucks and racks, there are still quite a few that, once they are in the plant, require some special truck or rack to work best with the food product.

As a manufacturer of custom oven accessories for years, we have had a number of customers come to us needing all new trucks and racks after purchasing a new industrial oven. Either their current trucks and racks didn’t fit in the new oven, or they somehow blocked the airflow in the oven and needed a different solution.

There’s nothing worse than investing thousands of dollars in a new industrial oven only to find out that the trucks and racks you planned to use either don’t fit or don’t work well with the oven’s airflow system. Our rule of thumb: when you buy a new oven, look into purchasing new trucks and racks to help optimize that oven.

Better Customer Support

When you purchase new oven accessory equipment at the same time as your new industrial oven — and from the same place — the quality of the support you get will go up.

Imagine getting a new oven with new accessories and only having one invoice, one company to work with, one schedule that can easily be changed if there is a delay prepping your facility and installing your new oven. No multiple schedules to juggle. No stacks of invoices from different companies.

Purchasing the accessory equipment for your oven at the same time as your oven makes the whole process easier.

An added bonus: if you ever need to purchase more accessory equipment, you know exactly where to go. Just call up the company on the side of your industrial oven and order more racks.

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