5 Hidden Costs in Stock Food Processing Equipment

Purchasing stock food processing equipment — equipment that is manufactured in advance and designed to “fit” as many facilities as possible — can seem like a good option, but often comes with a number of hidden cost and disadvantages.

Purchasing stock food processing equipment — equipment that is manufactured in advance and designed to “fit” as many facilities as possible — can seem like a good option, but often comes with a number of hidden cost and disadvantages.

Every food processing plant is different — from operational flow to factory layout to product to employees to the needs and goals you’re trying to hit. With so many variations between plants, it’s near impossible to manufacture stock equipment that truly increases product yield and decreases operating expenses. Think about it: how can a single piece of equipment that was not designed with your specific needs in mind, actually meet those needs?

Uncovering the Hidden Costs

Stock equipment comes with a number of costs. Uncovering those costs before you decide to pay the premium for stock equipment is the imperative to reducing your expenses and increasing your product yield.

Here are the top 5 hidden costs associated with purchasing stock food processing equipment:

Little to No Modifications Available

Stock equipment is just that — stock. What you see is what you get. While the manufacturer may offer various models with different options and features, there is often no room to make your own modifications.

Need an option not available on the model? Want an extra feature to make your operation run smoothly? If that option isn’t offered on a model, you will likely have to do without.

Modifications Come at a Steep Price

If the manufacturer does offer modifications, it’s typically at a very steep price.

Stock equipment manufacturers are set up to pump out an exact model with exact features — their manufacturing plants aren’t structured to handle modifications. It’s a perfect assembly line pumping out the limited options they offer.

Modifying what they offer requires a change to their manufacturing operation, and that change often has a huge price tag — and gets passed on to you, the customer.

Additional Add-ons for Integration

Need the stock equipment to integrate into your current line? (Dumb question, we know.)

It’s extremely rare that stock equipment will integrated seamlessly with your current equipment. Often, you will need to purchase additional add-ons to make the stock equipment fit, or hire a custom design and fabrication shop to manufacture a solution that will take your product from your current equipment and move it to your newly purchased stock equipment — a cost very rarely disclosed.

Upgrades and Options are Pricey

Have you ever noticed the drastic increase in price from the basic, stripped down stock equipment model to the model with all the bells and whistles?

Upgrades and options on stock equipment are pricey. You can often purchase the basic model at a reasonable price, but the basic model isn’t designed to meet your needs and offer you the same operational and safety features that you might need in your plant.

Craftsmanship is Mediocre

Most stock equipment isn’t designed for the long-haul. In order to keep the price of the equipment down (and the company’s profits up), stock equipment is often manufactured from lower-grade materials that aren’t durable enough to withstand a demanding work environment.

Expect breakdowns, down time, and a short lived useful working life when it comes to stock equipment.

The Custom Route is Better

When it comes to outfitting your processing plant with new equipment — whether a single piece of equipment or an entire processing line — custom designed and manufactured equipment is the best option.

Here are just a few of the benefits of going the custom route:

  • Meet with manufacturer representatives to determine your needs and goals
  • Equipment is designed to meet your specific needs and goals
  • Drawings and 3D models show you exactly what you are purchasing
  • Get the options you want and need right from the start
  • Designed to fit into your current operation — no costly add-ons to make it fit
  • High-quality craftsmanship
  • Built to endure rigorous use
  • No surprises when it arrives
  • Installation based on your schedule to minimize downtime
  • Priced based on the features you need, not what the company offers

About Fusion Tech

Fusion Tech is a custom fabrication company specializing in custom designed and manufactured equipment and facility layouts for the food processing industry. Our full-staffed design team provides customers with 3D models of the equipment and layouts we design, allowing you to view our solutions as they will look in your facility. You can learn more at www.ftiinc.org/food.

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