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Business Intelligence For Intelligent Business

In today’s constantly changing, highly competitive business environment, manufacturers need data — information that allows them to optimize performance, quickly respond to changing business needs and manage complex global supply chains.

In today’s constantly changing, highly competitive business environment, manufacturers need data — information that allows them to optimize performance, quickly respond to changing business needs and manage complex global supply chains. Manufacturing a quality product isn’t enough anymore, not with the pressures of global competition, volatile supplier pricing and uncertain material availability.

But data alone isn’t enough anymore either. To be truly effective, data has to be actionable: It must be presented in context so that busy manufacturing managers can quickly spot patterns, share knowledge and formulate and act on plans to drive growth and efficiency. That’s the power of business intelligence.

Panorama Software delivers the first socially-enabled business intelligence platform for the manufacturing industry’s business intelligence with Necto. What makes Necto unique is that it allows users to seamlessly connect to share insights and information so that they can conduct real-time trend analysis. Available on mobile and tablet devices, Necto empowers users to evaluate KPIs, review sales performance and analyze other metrics independently, which promotes greater data interaction and enables integration of information and social insights through sharing.

Break Down Silos to Maximize Operational Performance

With a variety of business systems in place in modern manufacturing operations, a lack of data isn’t the problem. Managers received data from a range of sources, including information about equipment, products, orders, distributions, quality and customer satisfaction. The challenge arises when they attempt to use the disparate information to construct a big-picture view. Another challenge is data sharing — in a highly compartmentalized business structure, it can be difficult for managers of separate business units to come together and share data to create meaningful action plans.

Necto can help by providing a platform that is available online to enable real-time data sharing and collaboration. This empowers teams to work together and create actionable plans to address real-world problems and improve operations. Necto helps businesses break information out of isolated silos that exist in legacy systems, consolidating data from numerous sources to improve productivity, enhance scheduling capabilities and enable performance monitoring and analysis of key metrics with easy-to-understand dashboard/workboard tools.

And since manufacturing managers’ need to address quality issues and track outcomes doesn’t end when products and services are delivered, Necto provides companies with the business intelligence resources they require to manage every phase of the product and service lifecycle, including reporting tools. This empowers managers to cut through complex production processes and work across internal and external business lines to identify root causes and improve processes before challenges become customer service issues.

Take an Agile Approach to Customer Service and Marketing

It can be difficult to anticipate customer needs and target marketing campaigns to elicit the greatest possible response. However, in today’s business environment, it’s more important than ever to be able to anticipate demand and respond to changing product and service needs, particularly with global competition at an all-time high. Today’s manufacturing companies must do just that to remain profitable. Manufacturing managers must be able to quickly identify causes for customer churn and reverse the trend. They must also be able to manage scarce marketing dollars by accurately tracking responses.

Necto provides business intelligence tools that address both challenges. With powerful customer retention solutions, managers can gain a comprehensive understanding of customer behavior, identifying the customers who are vulnerable to competitor products and services and delivering the insights needed to keep them on board.

In addition, Necto provides the knowledge and tools to help manufacturers target their marketing investments to achieve higher returns. Necto tools deliver data from multiple programs across global channels, providing real-time information to help managers gauge effectiveness and make adjustments as necessary.

Optimize Supply Chain Operations

With rapid changes in the market, it can be a challenge for manufacturing managers to keep up with evolving demands. In order to ensure sound decision-making, managers need insights into emerging customer needs, financial data across the entire supply chain and tools to continuously improve product quality and expedite delivery to market.

Necto provides the tools manufacturing managers need to spot emerging trends, identify improvement opportunities and create and implement effective supply chain strategies. With new market-driven planning capabilities, accurate demand forecasting abilities and optimized inventory control processes, manufacturing managers can gain significant savings as well as the insights they need to make a sound business case for organizational change.

Empowering Businesses with Intelligent Solutions

As global competition accelerates and manufacturing operations become increasingly complex and interrelated with other core business functions, companies today need a competitive edge to ensure continued growth and success. Data that allows them to monitor and improve performance, take an agile approach to customer service and marketing and manage supply chains that stretch worldwide can deliver the competitive advantage manufacturing businesses need.

However, reams of data alone can’t deliver the insights and agility companies need to succeed. To thrive and grow, businesses require the tools to analyze data in real-time, collaborate with peers, identify emerging opportunities and address issues before they become problems. That’s where Necto can help. With web-enabled tools businesses can use to grow revenue, cut costs and continuously improve performance, Necto can deliver unparalleled insights that lead to growth.


The comprehensive Necto Business Intelligence (BI) suite includes Analytics, Social BI, Automated Relevant Insights, Smart Reporting and Dashboards/Workboards. Necto products integrate with Microsoft Office and SharePoint, and Necto is designed to work with all data sources, including OLAP, Relational, Spreadsheets or In-Memory databases. To learn more about Necto and Panorama Software, please visit



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