Siemens opens new service building at its transformer manufacturing plant in Nuremberg

Erlangen, Germany, 2011-Oct-07

In early October, Siemens Energy opened a new building for the servicing of high-rating transformers on the site of its transformer manufacturing plant in Nuremberg. With the new building, which represents an investment of 14 million euros, the manufacturing plant will strengthen its leading position in transformer engineering. The building, which is 25 meters high and has a floor space of 2500 square meters, will be the Siemens service center for Transformer Lifecycle Management (TLM) with a focus on Europe. Within the framework of TLM, aging power transformers of all ratings and makes will be repaired and overhauled ready for further periods of service. This will provide transformer operators with a cost-effective, technically attractive alternative for transformer lifecycle extension.

Power transformers are often in service for decades and are thus subject to inevitable aging and wear. Within the framework of Siemens' Transformer Lifecycle Management strategy the condition of power transformers is continuously monitored and assessed at the operator's plant to be able to offer a customized service strategy. If a repair becomes inevitable, the transformer is replaced with a backup machine and transported to the Siemens transformer manufacturing plant in Nuremberg. With its rail link and connection to an inland harbor the plant is optimally suited for this.

Siemens, which has been involved in Transformer Lifecycle Management for many years, has significantly expanded its transformer servicing activities with the new building. The building is designed for transporting the active parts of transformers using state-of-the-art air-cushion vehicles. Ultra-modern hydraulic assembly platforms are among the features contributing toward occupational safety. Furthermore, TLM can also rely on the wealth of know-how and innovative capacity of the Siemens transformer manufacturing plant. The experts in Nuremberg also offer their services for transformers built by other manufacturers. "With a team of around one hundred specialists we can as part of TLM quickly implement the right maintenance strategy for each transformer using the appropriate know-how and experience," said Jürgen Vinkenflügel, CEO of the Transformers Business Unit of Siemens Energy.

In the new building the Siemens service team can overhaul transformers with ratings up to 1200 MVA ready for continued service. A 500-ton heavy-lift crane was installed for that purpose. In the 25-meter-high building repairs and uprating can thus be performed simultaneously on as many as five generator transformers. In a new drying oven the overhauled active parts with their cellulose-insulated windings are dried before being put back into their tanks. After testing in one of the three state-of-the-art test beds, the transformers are subsequently made ready for shipment back to their installation location.?

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