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5 Tips for Employers to Create a Culture of Learning

How can manufacturers encourage learning on the job?

How can manufacturers encourage learning on the job? With apprenticeships making up the backbone of the manufacturing workforce but fewer workers, companies, and schools providing an easy pipeline into training, manufacturers are taking some direct steps to encourage workers to learn skilled trades. Joanie Courtney, chief marketing officer and president of the professional division at Employbridge, created this list of what employers can do to encourage learning and make sure employees have the skills they'll need throughout their careers.

No. 1 - Offer online learning courses to your employees at no cost. Give your employees the time and a quiet space to learn during the workday.

No. 2 - Create an apprenticeship program to teach new employees the business. It can be a combination of classwork, on-the-job training, online research, and learning. It could also be designed as a mentorship program. Team-up your baby boomers with millennials for on-the-job training. You can make the training reciprocal since each generation has unique skills to teach the other.

No. 3 - Offer a tuition reimbursement program. Demonstrate your commitment to ongoing learning for your employees. Not only will it improve workersโ€™ skills but it will also help drive employee retention, which is important in this tight market.

No. 4 - Partner with a trade school or learning institution to bring new students into your organization for on-the-job training as interns. This could be a great source of future workers.

No. 5 - Most importantly, create a culture of learning and celebrate individual successes along the way.

For more on apprenticeship and bringing back the art of lifelong learning, take a look at Courtney's article.


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