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Security Breach: Making Hackers Pay (Literally)

Why cybersecurity is all about ROI, and other "unsexy" stuff on which to build your defenses.

In previous episodes of Security Breach, we’ve discussed penetration testing, ethical hackers, cataloging connection points, and getting a handle on all those API connections.

These strategies are centered on developing defenses that reduce your attack surface, make attackers easier to spot, negate the dwell time of black hats looking to live inside your networks, and hopefully much more.

While obtaining all this data is critical, the next challenge is understanding what to do with it in forming a stronger cyber defense plan. This is where it gets tricky.

A lack of OT security expertise continues to permeate throughout the industrial sector. Throw in some cloudy and somewhat limited regulatory guidance, and knowing exactly what steps industrial cybersecurity leaders should take after getting all this data is even more complex.

Our guest for this episode not only understands these dynamics, but confronts them on a daily basis. Brian Haugli is a former CSO and cybersecurity leader for the Pentagon, as well as professor of Cybersecurity at Boston College. He currently serves as the CEO of SideChannel, a cybersecurity services firm that offers risk assessments, virtual Chief Information Security Officers, and more.

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