Engineering Newswire: A Smartphone-Powered 3D Printer

This Engineering Newswire looks at unveiling the world’s largest aircraft, testing out the first ever smartphone-powered 3D printer and donning Panasonic’s latest exoskeleton suit.

World’s Largest Aircraft Unveiled

Journalists were recently given a sneak peek of a newly-constructed airship known as Airlander 10. The 302-foot-long behemoth was unveiled fully assembled in a massive hangar north of London on March 21.

British firm Hybrid Air Vehicles has been working on the prototype for almost a decade, and it is finally set to take its inaugural test flight later this summer if all goes as planned. 

First Ever Smartphone 3D Printer

Imagine being able to print 3D objects directly from your smartphone for under $100. Well, this is the concept behind OLO, the world’s first ever smartphone-powered 3D printer, which uses the light from your smartphone to harden resin.

Creating a 3D object is as easy as choosing a design from OLO’s library, designing one in CAD, or even using a 3D scanner to make your own. After selecting your object, pour in the resin, and OLO does the rest.

Panasonic’s New Robotic Exoskeleton

Earlier this month, electronics manufacturer Panasonic unveiled its latest achievement from its robotics team in a YouTube video. Why a video? Well, let’s just say seeing is believing.

In the video, Panasonic features an incredible range of “assist robots” designed to help support the everyday lives of industrial or heavy equipment workers, as well as the elderly.

Using advanced control and sensor technologies, Panasonic developed these assist robots that are equipped with motors to literally assist with human body mechanics.

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