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Engineering Newswire: Metal Muscles Could Revolutionize Cars

This Engineering Newswire looks at creating everlasting digital data storage, 3D printing a fully automatic dart gun and replicating human muscles in metal.

‘Superman’ Crystals to Store Data for Billions of Years

Scientists at the University of Southampton have taken a major step forward in the development of digital data storage that is capable of surviving for billions of years.

Using nanostructured glass, the scientists developed the recording and retrieval processes of five dimensional digital data through femtosecond laser writing.

3D Printed, Robotic, Fully Automatic Dart Gun

As some of you may know, the Product Design & Development team loves testing out new toys.

So when we learned that software programmer Jesse Kovarovics had launched a Kickstarter for his FDL-1 3D printed, robotic, web-enabled, high-powered, fully automatic Foam Dart Launcher, we had to check it out.

Metal Muscles Could Revolutionize Cars

HRL Laboratories has discovered how to replicate the quick stiffening and softening of human muscle in metal. Someday, the technology could be used to create the ultimate automotive suspension, or to give a robot the sensitivity and strength of a human being.

The researchers claim that their setup can change from stiff to soft by a factor of 100 in milliseconds, independent of the load it’s carrying.  This performance surpasses existing mechanisms by at least 20 times in either speed or useful stiffness change.

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