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Manufacturing Minute: Robot Assistance In ‘Fully Digital’ Hospital

In this episode, automated robots, touchscreens and other tech in North America’s first “fully digital” hospital.

From delivering medical supplies to handling and administering chemotherapy drugs, the automated robots at Humber River Hospital are able to complete numerous tasks. The robots are one of many reasons the hospital claims itself to be “fully digital”.

The Toronto hospital opened its doors Sunday and welcomed a total of 351 transfer patients from the old Humber River facility.

The robots that handle the supplies can make deliveries to the desired destination with the ability to pick up carts and call an elevator. The robots handling the chemotherapy medication can check the patient’s information – such as the last dosage, and the weight of the patient – to give an accurate dose.

Other technology features around the hospital include robots in radiology that move around the patient for scans, as well as touchpad systems in every room. The touchpads allow patients to access health records, adjust the room temperature, order food and make Skype calls, among various other tasks.


What are the drawbacks of using automated technology at this capacity? Does automation help or hurt these industries?

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