Google Pins Worldwide Internet Hopes On Balloons, Nixes Drone Effort

The "moonshot" division of Google parent Alphabet cancelled the drone initiative in recent months.

Mnet 101166 Project Titan

Google's innovation arm reportedly believes that the future of global internet access lies with high-altitude balloons — and not with solar-powered drones. 
Business Insider reports that X, the "moonshot" division of Google parent Alphabet, cancelled the drone initiative — labeled Project Titan — in recent months. 

Titan stemmed from Google's acquisition of Titan Aerospace in 2014. The New Mexico startup designed a drone that could fly for up to five years in order to provide imaging or internet service to the ground below. 

Officials from X, however, said that its Project Loon, which would beam internet service from balloons high above the earth, offered economic and technical advantages compared to Titan. Alphabet also plans to sell its satellite imaging business, according to Bloomberg.

"Many people from the Titan team are now using their expertise as part of other high flying projects at X, including Loon and Project Wing," X's Jacquelyn Miller told BI in a statement.

The company is reportedly still committed to Project Wing, a delivery drone initiative, but numerous other acquisitions and projects were cast aside as Alphabet increasingly focused on generating revenue. 

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