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Watch: How To Use Your Drone To Cook Thanksgiving Dinner

Cooking with your hands is so passé.

Mnet 95786 Thanksgiving Drone

Cooking with your hands is so passé.

Autel Robotics, which specializes in drone and aerial photography solutions, created a delectably entertaining video, in which an X-Star Premium Drone is used to prepare an entire Thanksgiving meal.

Need to peel the potatoes or chop up the carrots? Use the aircraft’s four rotating propellers. Remove the 4K ultra HD camera module, attach a hook module and boom: the drone can be used to cook the turkey in the backyard deep fryer. Remove the propellers, attach egg beaters and now you can now mix four bowls’ worth of pumpkin pie ingredients.

I should note: This tactic will likely result in food being sprayed, spilled and splattered on the walls. (But hey, we all know that’s going to happen anyway once Aunt Mildred brings up politics during dinner.)

To watch the quadcopter-turned-chef in action, check out the video below.

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