Photos Of The Day: The Largest Man-Made Moving Object On Earth

The Polarcus Amani is a massive survey vessel towing a record-breaking seismic array.

The Polarcus Amani. (Image Credit: Polarcus)
The Polarcus Amani. (Image Credit: Polarcus)

Polarcus, a company known for its “offshore geophysical expertise,” is currently surveying a block of ocean floor off the coast of Myanmar for Shell.  

To do so (and to do so quickly), the firm deployed the Polarcus Amani — a massive survey vessel equipped with a record-breaking seismic array.

According to Polarcus, the Polarcus Amani not only boasts the most advanced seismic technology but also a 300-foot-long body that can displace nearly 8,000 tons.

But what makes this vessel (and all the equipment is sports) record-breaking is the in-sea configuration it tows. The vessel’s four propellers (each capable of 3,000 horsepower) provide the power to drag the array of “seismic streamers.” 

(Photo courtesy of Vimeo/Firegrader)(Photo courtesy of Vimeo/Firegrader)

These streamers measure more than a mile wide and 11 miles long. Even more impressive, the survey covers an area of almost 7 square miles at a time — hence why Polarus claimed the record for “largest mobile man-made object.”

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