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MM Blog: New Tech Developed From Shark Jelly

A look at a highly conductive mystery jelly found in sharks that might be the key to developing new technology.

Scientists from UC Santa Cruz, the University of Washington and the Benaroya Research Institute at Virginia Mason have looked to a mysterious jelly that helps sharks, skate fish and rays detect their prey through the weak electric fields they produce. Their research showed that the jelly, found in the long canals connecting pores in the skin to the electrosensory cells, has the highest proton conductivity ever discovered in a biological material.

UC Santa Cruz professor Marco Rolandi says the conductivity of the jelly is comparable to that of the current leading proton-conducting polymers.This “shark jelly” could be utilized in technological applications such as fuel cells in addition to new material development or even new sensor technology.


Can this jelly revolutionize the tech industry? What potential barriers to using this material could you foresee?

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