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MM Blog: Immersive Virtual Reality

A look at a prototype virtual reality platform that lets your whole body interact with the virtual world.

Right now, virtual reality is making its case as a viable product platform and already one company is trying to improve on the experience. AxonVR has developed a prototype virtual reality platform that includes a full body suit and exoskeleton that provides the wearer with a whole body experience with the virtual. 

The system’s core is the AxonSuit, comprised of a jacket, pants, gloves and boots that convey tactile and even thermal feedback to the wearer. This is done with thousands of “pixels” lining the suit which can individually apply various amounts of pressure and heat to simulate different textures and temperatures. Now instead of just seeing the virtual world, wearers can feel objects or feel the heat of a simulated desert. AxonVR is initially targeting theme parks, arcades and entertainment venues, but is also interested in post-injury rehabilitation, and military and athletic training. 


Does this platform take VR too far? What other applications could it be used for? 

Email us or comment below. 

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