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Manufacturing Minute: Clean Water And Clean Energy From A Single Device

In this episode, a device that purifies water, generates solar power and desalinates ocean water. Welcome to your Manufacturing Minute.

People are talking about the importance of clean energy probably just as much as clean water. Both are important factors to sustainability and the environment. So why not kill two birds with one stone? That’s where the Watly comes in.
The water purifying device is able to purify up to 3 million liters of water per year — more than an Olympic-sized swimming pool can hold. Watly doesn’t use filters, membranes or chemicals during the filtering process — rather, it boils water to remove the contamination.
It’s also able to energize its own process as it comes equipped with 40 solar panels and can generate up to 70 kilowatt-hours per day. The energy is stored in a 140 kilowatt-hour internal battery.
The Watly, designed for communities in need, has a 15-year lifespan and with a $450,000 pricetag. Designer Marco Attisani is crowdfunding the current version in order to reduce the expense. The company claims that maintenance comes easy to “anyone with basic technical knowledge and minimum skills.”

Is this the solution to providing clean water to communities in need? Do you foresee any issues with the implementation of this technology?
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