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MM Blog: Autonomous Spider Robots

A look at 3D printed spider-like bots that could be crawling around a factory near you.

This week Siemens debuted its vision for the future of the industrial workplace, and it’s a tad creepier and a lot more spider-filled than anyone might have anticipated. Siemens has developed tiny autonomous spider-like bots that are essentially mini-3D printers with legs.

In theory, these robots would work together using their legs to print anything on-site that a worker might need. These bots even have onboard cameras and a laser scanner to help them have a better sense of their surroundings.  According to Siemens, each spider can work for about two hours before its battery would need to be recharged. But what’s particularly cool is that a robot with a low battery can transmit its last active location to nearby spider bot while it recharges, which creates a reduced risk of any potential downtime.


Do you think autonomous spider-like bots could realistically be crawling around your factory floor? Could these creepy crawlers be a useful addition or just an underfoot nuisance?

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