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MM Blog: Robots That Train Themselves

A look at a warehouse robot that trains and calibrates itself.

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Silicon Valley startup Kinema Systems recently unveiled a new robot to streamline warehouse and shipping operations. Although industrial robots have been unpacking pallets for years, the new Kinema Pick can depalletize new and unknown items without manual training. Users configure the robot’s software through a standard or industrial PC, and then the robot calibrates and teaches itself how to pick up new boxes. 

The Kinema Pick combines 3D sensing with motion planning to switch easily from single SKU to mixed and random pallets without requiring special labels, as MIT Technology Review noted. MIT also explained that although it will take the robot a few seconds to eye up new boxes initially, it will learn that item and be able to pick it up in less than a second next time. Eventually, the process could become even more efficient by sharing the robots’ experiences with those in other facilities. 


Could you see this robot being an asset to your operations? How else could the technology be adapted to aid manufacturers?

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