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MM Blog: Sending Signals With Water

Here's a look at how researchers are manipulating interactive streams of water to send signals.

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MIT researchers have harnessed the power of water membranes. Specifically, the way water streams into a dome shape when you put a spoon under the faucet. MIT’s new HydroMorph re-creates and controls the phenomenon using a stream of water and a flat, round surface.

As the water falls onto the surface, a camera and computer coordinate the movements of 10 water-blocking modules to manipulate the forming water membrane. If combined with a sensor, the HydroMorph could be installed on a faucet to convey temperature, or even redirect water entirely to prevent people from burning their hands. The system could also redirect water to fill multiple cups and stop the flow when the container is full.


Does HydroMorph have any commercial applications? Or, is the system simply a glorified water fountain?

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