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MM Blog: An App-Controlled Electric Go-Kart

Here's a look at Actev Motors' Arrow Smart-Kart.

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Once kids outgrow their Power Wheels, they still have many years to wait before they can drive real cars. A Silicon Valley startup, however, could have a solution: a smart go-kart with Tesla-like features.

Actev Motors' Arrow Smart-Kart — geared toward kids ages 5 to 9 — can run for up to an hour and tops out at 12 miles per hour. But the go-kart also connects to an app that allows parents to set speed limits as well as driving boundaries called geo-fencing. When the Arrow travels outside that barrier, it slows to a crawl until the child re-enters the designated area. The go-kart, like many new cars, also includes a front collision sensor that can automatically stop the Arrow to avoid a head-on crash.

The app features an emergency stop button and can notify parents when the anti-collision sensor has been activated. Parents can also customize their Arrow with various add-ons — including downloaded engine sounds. The price tag starts at nearly $600.


Are the built-in safeguards in the Arrow enough to protect small children driving around in neighborhoods? Could similar connected safety technology be deployed in an industrial setting?

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