Manufacturing Minute Recap: New Plane View, Speedfactory, Smart Band-Aid, Shoe Screens

Mnet 171931 Mfg Min Gen

This week in manufacturing, we looked at a transparent bubble atop planes, a speedy automated shoe factory, a high-tech gel-like bandaid and durable displays for your shoes. Take a look at this week's Manufacturing Minute Recap. 

Flying With Your Head In The Clouds

In this episode, Windspeed Technologies offers a 360-degree view via SkyDeck, a transparent bubble installed on the top of a plane. Check out the view here:

Adidas's Speedfactory — A Glimpse Into The Future (Maybe)

In this episode, Adidas's automated "speedfactory" lands in Germany. Learn about the the company's hopes for it here: 

A 'Smart Band-Aid' For The 21st Century

In this episode, MIT engineers have created a gel-like bandaid that can administer medication. Look at the high-tech bandage here: 

Bendable, Waterproof Screens For Your Feet

In this episode, ShiftWear's durable display shoes let you create and wear your own designs. Check out the concept here:


Are these futuristic technologies beneficial to consumer needs? What about the needs of manufacturers? Would you use any of them? 

Email us or leave your comments below. 

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