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Editor’s Picks: The Science Behind The Lexus Hoverboard

Also, what it’s like to meet Elon Musk and a STEM-themed summer camp for girls.

Another week, another round of Editor’s Picks. This week my favorite reads from the Internet include the science behind the Lexus hoverboard, a STEM-themed summer camp for girls and a story on what it’s like to meet Elon Musk.

“The Nitty Gritty Details of How the Lexus Hoverboard Hovers” from Popular Science

The Internet greeted the debut of the Lexus Hoverboard with a childlike eagerness.

Once everyone seemed to decide that it actually might (maybe) work, the question then quickly became: How? Well, this week Lexus released a video that explains how the hoverboard hovers, and the answer doesn’t disappoint.

“Ever Wonder What Elon Musk Is Like In Person?” from Inc.

I can’t even tell you how much of my week is spent reading about or Googling what Elon Musk (or one of his startups) is up to. This is a small piece about Alexander Zhang’s, the Managing Director of LavaLab, take on the man himself. His answers are surprisingly detailed and offer a keen insight on what it’s like to spend an evening with Elon Musk. Give this quick read an once-over if you’re also intrigued about what makes the billionaire genius tick.

“This Camp Is Also An In-Depth Study Of Why Girls Quit STEM” from WIRED

This article profiles a STEM-focused summer camp for 7th grade girls called QCamp. Although the fun-and-engineering-filled summer camp runs for just two weeks, all the participants are actually involved in a long-term, multi-year study designed to track these girls throughout their middle school careers and, perhaps, beyond.

The study’s goal is to better comprehend whether something, such as a summer camp, is enough encouragement to motivate young girls to stay involved in STEM. It’s an intriguing idea for a camp, and a great read.

What were your favorite Internet reads this week? Comment below or tweet me @MNetAbbey.

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