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MM Blog: Downloading Designs To Your Shoes

The days of personalizing sneakers with a handful of colored markers are now behind us.

ShiftWear recently developed a shoe that lets you create your own design or purchase one by another ShiftWear customer. And you can do this as often as you’d like, courtesy of the shoes’ curved, flexible screens.

The full-color E-Paper screens are visible even in daylight, much like the screens on e-readers, and can display static or animated designs selected through mobile device or computer.

Completely washable and waterproof, the shoes also contain batteries to keep the screens on continuously for up to 30 days. Instead of plugging in, you can charge up by keeping on your feet through their Walk-N-Charge tech, or if you’d like some rest, wireless charging is also an option.

The shoes won’t be released until at least next fall, but preorders — through an IndieGoGo page that raised 2,500 percent of its goal — start at $150.


Could you see these flexible screens making their way onto the manufacturing floor? Is this tech something you’d want to dip your toes into?

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