Breaking Down The #AppleWatchEvent

Everything you need to know from the Apple Watch debut told in tweets.

Mnet 43248 140909 Iwatch Lg
On Monday, Apple took the Internet by storm with the streaming of their hotly anticipated #AppleLiveEvent. However, as expected, much of Apple's affair proved a bit dull and rather unsurprising. So, instead of providing a generic recap, I've compiled a selection of tweets that best capture the mood and need-to-know information.

First, there was a lot of waiting around . . .
















Then, Tim took the stage.












Tech news followed; some of it was cool.







































Some of it was boring.












But then, the main event occurred: the debut of the Apple Watch.














There were different styles, impressive facts and lots of pictures.
































Then, we got to the price range: $350 to $17,000.















Finally, the #AppleWatchEvent ended with a goodbye tweet from the CEO.











What were your takeaways from the #AppleWatchEvent? Comment below or tweet me @MNetAbbey.

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