10 Benefits of a Preventative Maintenance Program (PMP) For Your Loading Dock

Investing in preventative maintenance means serious benefits for your people, your warehouse, and your business. This ebook, from Rite-Hite, describes 10 big benefits of preventative maintenance for your loading dock and industrial door equipment in your facility.

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W ON ’T DET ERIORATE AS FAST M A X IM IZE EQUIPMENT COS T I NV ES TM E N T BENEFITS O F A PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE PROGRAM (PMP) FOR YOUR LOADING DOCK Conducting regular maintenance can have a big impact on the bottom line of a business, especially when it comes to your loading dock and industrial door equipment – systems your facility relies on every day. Even the best made loading dock equipment cannot take the daily beating of forklift traffic and tractor trailers without proper maintenance. Here are 10 valuable benefits of preventative maintenance. INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY It can be easy to neglect regular loading dock maintenance when equipment works just fine for months or even years at a time – like they say, out of sight, out of mind. However, ignoring routine maintenance can eventually lead to a major, unplanned equipment failure. By keeping your loading dock equipment regularly maintained, productivity naturally improves since you control the equipment downtime instead of it controlling you. And in many cases, this has a positive impact on the bottom line as well. IMPROVED SAFETY FOR EMPLOYEES When maintenance is scheduled or planned, technicians have time to follow the standard procedures and safety requirements to complete the job correctly. In addition, when equipment is functioning properly, internal facility workers are less likely to perform unsafe practices in order to bypass the equipment failure. In the case of dock equipment, the failure itself can lead to a dangerous situation for workers and equipment. For example, a vehicle restraint that no longer restrains can result in a host of trailer separation accidents, including early departure, trailer creep, trailer pop-up, trailer collapse and landing gear collapse. In any of these situations where an accident can occur due to a vehicle restraint that was in disrepair, forklift operators and workers are put in serious danger. No facility manager wants to discover equipment problems in the wake of a major tragedy. INCREASED EQUIPMENT ROI Significant investments in items such as loading dock levelers, vehicle restraints, and dock doors must take into account the expected life cycle of the investment. The intent of preventative maintenance is to keep your dock equipment running in optimal, “as new” condition. Over time, systems that have been properly maintained won’t deteriorate as fast and will maximize the initial equipment cost investment. 10 BENEFITS OF A PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE PROGRAM (PMP) FOR YOUR LOADING DOCK RiteHite.com REGULAR MAINTENANCE INCREASES PRODUCTIVITY IMPROVES BOTTOM LINE PROPERLY MAINTAINED SYSTEMS 1 2 3 REDUCE ENERGY COSTS Identifying wear and tear on your dock and door equipment and then making the repairs will not only extend the life of the equipment, it can also make it more efficient. Much like a mechanic knows the intricacies of every vehicle make and model for a quick oil change, a technician through a PMP learns all of the ins and outs of your loading dock and door equipment over time. And, much like an oil change keeps cars running smoothly, a well-maintained leveler is going to raise and lower more efficiently (and more quietly). In fact, results from a government survey show that preventative maintenance, in general, can reduce energy bills by as much as 20 percent 1. 1 https://energy.gov/sites/prod/files/2013/10/f3/OM_2.pdf SAVE ON MAINTENANCE COSTS The cost of an unexpected equipment failure can be more than meets the eye. Not only is it comprised of the price of the parts needed to fix the problem, but also in expedited service, labor costs, lost production time and possibly missed delivery dates. With a preventative maintenance program, you can avoid all of that. One government study found that maintenance costs were reduced 12 to 18 percent by using a PMP1 1 https://energy.gov/sites/prod/files/2013/10/f3/OM_5.pdf LESS EQUIPMENT DOWNTIME Planned, or anticipated, equipment shut down can be strategically worked into production planning to minimize the impact on shipping and receiving schedules. For example, for facilities that have dozens of loading dock doorways, dock equipment inspections can be staggered to avoid transportation disruptions. In addition, PMP technicians can red flag equipment that has been compromised. With advanced training, a technician can identify and diagnose equipment problems that might not demonstrate any immediate symptoms. The ability to spot small troubles early on can help eliminate any future unexpected breakdowns. Equipment failures can be a major headache to the flow of traffic on the dock. According to Rules of Thumb for Maintenance and Reliability Engineers, a whopping 70 to 85 percent1 of equipment failures are due to inadequate maintenance practices. 1 Smith, Ricky, R. Mobley, Keith. Rules of Thumb for Maintenance and Reliability Engineers. Butterworth Heinemann, 2011. Page 257. 6 5 4 20% 70% PLANNED MAINTENANCE ENERGY BILLS AS MUCH AS CAN REDUCE Most equipment failures are due to INADEQUATE MAINTENANCE PRACTICES 85% The ability to spot small troubles early on can help eliminate any future unexpected breakdowns. 10 BENEFITS OF A PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE PROGRAM (PMP) FOR YOUR LOADING DOCK | 2 RiteHite.com TOP OF THE LINE SERVICE Any organization that relies on its assets or infrastructure to provide continuous service will be particularly suited to using preventative maintenance services. In general, most organizations now follow some sort of preventative maintenance program, whether it is done in-house or outsourced by experts. By using an external provider whose expertise is maintenance and repair, you get the benefi ts of new technologies, techniques, and systems at every visit. External service providers will have all the necessary tools and training to complete the job same day. For you, this means reduced risk and improved service standards, while protecting the value of your property assets. REAL FIXES, NOT JUST BAND-AIDS Keeping things moving on the dock takes dedicated personnel who regularly diagnose and repair dock equipment as part of a preventative maintenance program. If equipment isn’t working properly, a certifi ed technician will not only fi x the problem, they’ll be able to get to the root cause and off er solutions to prevent a similar failure in the future. And they can provide documentation of their work, so facility managers know what was serviced and when. ABILITY TO BUDGET FOR REPAIRS Without a regular preventative maintenance program, equipment failures are often unpredictable and labor and spare parts may not be readily available. This can cause added costs and headaches, such as paying premiums for emergency service, extra travel time and after hours support. A PMP allows your organization to be in control, budgeting for repairs based on a service schedule which can be monthly, quarterly, yearly or whatever is best for your business based on size, budget and need. MAINTAIN BRAND REPUTATION Your loading dock is the gateway to products moving in and out of your facility. Reduced throughput can have huge implications on a brand’s reputation, no matter the industry. Not only do equipment breakdowns aff ect the bottom line, but they can damage reputations when delivery dates are missed or product does not get to customers on time. A good reputation takes a long time to establish, but can be tarnished quickly when things go wrong. 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