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Download this case study to see how composite-based caulk guns present numerous advantages over traditional metal guns, making them the obvious choice for professionals.

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Not Your Father’s See how composite-based caulk guns present numerous advantages over traditional metal guns, making them the obvious choice for professionals. Caulk Gun Dripping Caulking can be a messy job, but it doesn’t have to be. A number of factors can lead to dripping, or run-on of caulking product after use, which, beyond being a nuisance and a waste of product, leads to product where it shouldn’t be and time-consuming and sometimes costly cleanup. These factors include the viscosity of the product, compressibility of the material, cartridge swelling and more — none of which are the gun’s fault. But the gun can be the solution. Non-drip mechanisms can ensure no additional product escapes once the gun trigger is released. Versatility Many lower-end caulk guns are job-specific, but many professionals need to tackle several different caulking jobs within a short time, and time spent locating or switching out guns is time wasted. Some jobs call for a non-drip caulk gun, while others I t’s hard to stand out in the industrial products world. As one of the unsexiest markets around, it becomes easy to see the same type of product as ‘equal’ across many different brands. It’s a sort of ‘a tool is a tool is a tool’ syndrome. This is especially true in commodity industrial product categories like fasteners, hand tools, gloves and goggles. This also applies to caulking guns. The common homeowner may not see — or put any priority on — the differences between a cheap caulk gun they can pick up that the local hardware store. But any contractor that uses this product on a regular basis can tell you how the sometimes subtle differences in design, features and materials used make a world of difference when it comes to comfort, versatility, dependability and durability that more than make up for a higher price point. So what are these factors that make it a no-brainer for professionals to pay a little more for a superior caulking gun? Let’s examine. “Very impressed. Awesome feature to adjust flow of trigger. Better than any other gun I’ve used in over 20 years working on residential projects. Highly recommend. And it’s lightweight.” 2016 Amazon review of Dripless ETS3000 require a continuous flow. For those tackling jobs with at least some of each need, a gun that can do both is the ideal solution. Hand Fatigue Like a faulty piece of factory equipment, a tired hand simply can’t function properly on a caulking job. It leads to frequent breaks needed, or shoddy craftsmanship if the user tries to power through it. Like with dripping, several elements come into play here: the design of the gun, its weight, grip and thrust ratio. Those one-size-fits-all cheap guns typically make sacrifices on at least one of these elements, resulting in hand fatigue. The average caulking gun found in a store has a thrust ratio of 6:1, meaning it moves a lot of product per squeeze, but it takes a lot of force. That wears a hand out. The higher the ratio, the easier it is to push out heavy product. Durability Whether you’re a home contractor, construction worker, maintenance mechanic or homeowner, there are numerous ways for your tools to become damaged and unusable. Like with most tools, caulk guns are commonly damaged when dropped from height, stepped on or run over. And depending on the material the gun is made of, often all it takes is one drop to render a caulk gun inoperable. A professional needs a caulk gun that can take some abuse. Standing Out There are many caulk gun manufacturers out there, but a lot of them fall into that ‘a caulk gun is a caulk gun’ syndrome. In many cases their product is made cheaply, lacks time-saving and comfort-boosting features. Thanks to a painter from Northern California and San Francisco-area marketing firm, professionals today “My first time purchasing the Dripless ETS2000 was over 15 years ago when I was painting new construction homes. That same gun is being used today in my finishing shop and still performs the same way it did 15 plus years ago. This is the only gun that I will ever purchase and the only one that I found to be truly dripless. The ETS model guns offer a consistent flow of material, ease of use and outstanding durability. The rotating barrel is great to caulk multiple different angles without having to rotate the caulk tube. I have since put more of these caulk guns in the hands of my employees and will continue to do so as long as I am in business.” — Jason Thibodeaux, Owner of J&M Finishing, LLC have an excellent choice when it comes to finding a superior product that meets the challenges those aforementioned factors present, and then some. In the late 1980s, Gary Finnegan discovered a way of stopping product run-on once he released the trigger of his caulking gun. His new invention saved valuable time, energy and frustration — eliminating the cleanup required after use of an applicator. A marketing firm bought Finnegan’s patented tool and created Dripless Inc., which took the original Dripless Caulk Gun nationwide and has since expanded the line to more than 20 models, adding more innovations along the way. Among these innovations is Dripless’ Ergonomic Technology Series (ETS) — a range of composite caulk guns engineered for lightweight durability and ergonomically designed to reduce jobsite fatigue. So what is it that sets Dripless’ ETS caulk guns apart in the market? Composite Material The composite material that comprises Dripless’ ETS series caulk guns has numerous advantages over the steel-based material used in most store-bought guns. Gun weight is an obvious difference, with the composite construction of the ETS guns significantly lighter than common steel guns — sometimes three times lighter. Composite material also makes the ETS guns more durable. They can take a beating — they can be dropped from ladders or even run over by a pickup truck — and continue to work properly. On the other hand, steel guns are more rigid, often resulting in one-and- done accidents that put them out of commission. Versatility The ETS series guns feature a rotating barrel that helps keep the bead profile around corners; a precision cutter and poker tucked right into the handle; as well as a high quality peened rod and a powder metal drive dog to ensure the gun’s longevity. The ETS 3000, 5000 and 6000 include a Drip/No Drip option, allowing the user control the flow of product as they work and easily pivot between application needs with the flip of a switch. “I like that I can turn dripless off when I am using construction adhesive and masonry sealant, but when I need to use regular old painters caulk I just turn it back on and nothing gets on the floor.” 2015 Amazon review of Dripless ETS3000 The gun-specific applications of Dripless’ ETS series guns are as follows: • ETS 1000, 10 oz. — Geared for the homeowner with a 10:1 thrust ratio, but considerably tougher and longer lasting than comparable metal guns • ETS 2000, 10 oz. — with a medium 12:1 thrust ratio, this is geared for gunning caulking sealants of all types • ETS 3000, 10 oz. — with a higher 18:1 thrust ratio, this is great for all caulk products, and is strong enough for polyurethane adhesives and many construction adhesives • ETS 5000 29 oz. — All the features of the 3000 with an 18:1 thrust ratio, but geared for higher-capacity applications • ETS 6000, 10 or 20 oz. — Designed as a professional grade sausage pack caulker with an 18:1 thrust ratio, this is suitable for high viscosity products • ETS 9000, 10 oz. — Just introduced in 2017 and delivering a massive 26:1 thrust ratio, it’s perfect for gunning thick materials, including semi- frozen tubes All ETS series guns are lightweight, durable and feature ergonomically-designed handles and triggers. “Best gun I have used. Plenty of power to drive thick product. Don’t let the plastic construction fool you. Minimizes runout when you ease off the trigger. Better than any other gun I have used.” 2016 Amazon review of Dripless ETS3000 Last but not least, all Dripless caulk guns come in a signature yellow color, making them highly visible at the jobsite. Beyond ETS, Dripless offers other caulk guns that are consumer grade, contractor grade, high ratio, bulk load and dual component, along with accessories and sundry items. Dripless caulking guns and other products can be found nationwide at distributors and paint stores across North America and several other countries. Visit to find the location nearest you. ABOUT DRIPLESS Dripless Inc. ( is a manufacturer of quality caulking guns, specialty dispensing tools and accessories. The company was established in Santa Rosa, CA in 1992. ABOUT THIS REPORT The information in this report was researched and produced by Industrial Distribution in conjunction with Dripless. Statistical data was researched and compiled by Advantage Business Marketing in April 2018.