Toys R Us Is Sold ... Again

The one-time toy mecca continues to flounder.

Once a mecca for toy-loving consumers, the Toys R Us retail brand’s 2017 tumble into bankruptcy was a disappointment to many.

The firm permanently closed all of its U.S. stores before it was purchased in a liquidation sale by Tru Kids Inc.

The plan was to re-launch some retail operations for the toy seller, but the plans were short-lived.

The two toy stores rolled out since the brand’s purchase by Tru Kids closed permanently in early 2021, citing the pandemic.

Now another owner hopes to breathe new life into the beleaguered company.

Brand management company WHP Global has announced it has purchased a controlling interest in the operation and will manage its business and growth.

WHP says the toy category is up 16 percent due to the pandemic and that Toys R Us still nets $2 billion in global retail sales.

While there are still 700+ physical Toys R Us locations outside of the US, no word on whether WHP’s plan includes retail.