Manufacturing Minute: Nissan’s Hi-Tech Concept Car

In this episode, Nissan looks to the future of driving for the digital native generation being born today.

It used to be that having a driver's license and a car symbolized growing up and freedom to go where you wanted to go. But today’s generation holds different values as it goes straight from the cradle on to an ever-expanding universe of mobile devices and wearables. That’s why Nissan has created the Teatro for Dayz innovative concept car.

This blank slate of sorts is an electric vehicles outfitted with LED displays, allowing an owner to really customize their driving experience. When the car is not in drive mode, all the driver sees is a steering wheel, an accelerator and brake pedals. As information illuminates on the instrument panel, the driver can freely adjust the size and position of the meters, gauges and car navigation information on the instrument screen and unnecessary information can be hidden. The idea is to allow riders to spend their time connecting and sharing with friends.

Who needs a selfie stick, when you can have a selfie vehicle instead?


With the promises of autonomous cars coming soon, does this signal the future of what vehicles are and do for us? Do you think vehicles are packing too much technology in them?

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