Manufacturing Minute: Building The Iron Man Army

In this episode, how the Iron Man suit is becoming a reality

The Department of Defense is nearing the debut of a smart suit to rival that of Stark Industries.

The Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit — known as Talos — would include a battery-powered exoskeleton and built-in sensors to track the wearer’s heart rate, body temperature and other health stats.

The suit weighs 13 pounds, but while wearing it, soldiers would be able to carry an additional 33 pounds, plus have in-helmet devices to improve vision.

Although Talos won’t be able to fly, it will utilize futuristic technology that even Iron Man wasn’t equipped with, like liquid body armor that solidifies on its wearer’s command.

But it’s nowhere near a battlefield yet. The prototype isn’t set to be complete until 2018, and then will undergo extensive tests.


Is this the future of warfare?

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