Manufacturing Minute: Astronauts’ Robot Assistance

In this episode, a human-like robot that will help on the International Space Station.

German researchers have teamed up with the University of Breman to create a robot that can perform basic day-to-day assignments, freeing up astronauts to focus their attention on projects that require more thought.Named AILA, the robot can learn how to perform various tasks by watching a human first demonstrate them. After she learns a new skill, the astronauts can give her a “to-do” list for her to complete in order.

AILA is attached to a six-wheeled platform to increase mobility and efficiency. Just like humans, she has two arms with fingers so she can interact with items on the space station (since it was built for humans to use). AILA will be able to perform small tasks such as activating or deactivating switches in a certain order and rotating the handwheel.


Will this new technology prove beneficial to astronauts? Should there be concerns about safety and accuracy?

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