Manufacturing Minute: Self-Driving Transport Pods

In this episode, autonomous transportation pods that can link up or travel solo.

Autonomous transportation pods that can link up or travel solo. Welcome to your Manufacturing Minute.

A new method of driverless public transportation designed by Italian company Next Future Transportation could be hitting streets within five years.

The Next system comprises a fleet of electric self-driving pods that can be called up and paid for through an app. On the road, the pods connect to each other, allowing the passengers to transfer between modules for a faster trip.

Next also offers a handful of service pods, letting riders call for food, drinks, a bathroom and more — without even slowing down.

The pods are less than 9 feet long and accommodate up to 10 people, with six seats and standing room for four.

Aside from streamlined public transportation, Next also plans to eventually introduce modular freights.

What Do You Think?

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