Manufacturing Minute: 'Printed Memory' Labels Combat Counterfeiting

In this episode, anti-counterfeit electronic labels that contain encrypted data.

Xerox is combatting counterfeiting with the release of two new electronic labels, named “printed memory.”

The labels, using technology licensed from Thin Film Electronics, can contain encrypted data and store up to 36 bits on rewritable memory.

This will help to identify information, such as shipment tracking, serial numbers, and product information, among other basic data.

According to Xerox, the labels are inexpensive and difficult to counterfeit as compared to previous anti-counterfeit technology such as invisible ink and hologram stickers, which can be copied.

Xerox Vice President Steve Simpson said these labels will “ensure the integrity of a product” during the transfer process from factory to consumer.


Are these labels going to revolutionize anti-counterfeit technology? Or is there a potential flaw waiting to happen?

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