Integrated Sales Acceleration Software For Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customers

Alpharetta –– Today at Microsoft Convergence 2015, Intelliverse, a global leader in sales accelerated solutions to drive speed in creating qualified prospects and faster revenue generation, announces an integration between its Sales Acceleration software application and Microsoft Dynamics’ CRM system.

To alleviate the time salespeople spend on prospecting activities, which on average is over 75 percent of of a salesperson’s time, Intelliverse’s software drastically reduces prospecting time and speeds the process to qualified prospects and closed deals.

Intelliverse works seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics CRM by transforming every contact into a sales opportunity. By identifying qualified contacts and removing the need for salespeople to do admin tasks such as logging call details, salespeople can spend more time turning qualified leads into customers. With over 40,000 companies using Microsoft Dynamics CRM and over 4 million individual Dynamics CRM users, this integration drastically broadens Intelliverse’s reach.

“Microsoft Dynamics combines the need for an integrated CRM solution with the already familiar Microsoft office and desktop services,” said Sean Gordon, CEO and President of Intelliverse. “Intelliverse takes this a step further by offering a solution of sales accelerated features and work flows built specifically for salespeople, bringing the average time spent on prospecting activities down. This means more time to spend on qualified  prospects and ultimately, closing deals.”

Features of the sales acceleration software include:

  • Click-to-Dial - Enables calling directly from Microsoft Dynamics CRM and automatically captures, tracks and reports all calling activity
  • Campaign List Dialing – Boosts productivity of sales blitzes and outbound dialing sessions
  • Local Presence – Enables businesses to improve outbound prospecting connect rates by 30 percent using phone numbers that are “local” to the prospect being called
  • Play-N-Go Voicemail – Prerecorded voicemails in the salesperson’s own voice can be left for prospects with the click of a button, allowing the salesperson to immediately move on to the next call
  • Automated Activity Logging – Saves time spent manually logging and leads to accurate management data

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