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15 KVA Temporary Power Distribution System on Wheeled Cart

This power distribution system is NEMA 3R rated and ideal for many indoor and outdoor applications.

Larson Electronics (Kemp, TX)  announced a new portable power distribution system that converts 480 volts AC three phase electrical current to 120 volts AC and 208Y volts AC.

The transformer operates with 480 volts, three phase, stepped down to single phase 120 volts AC and three phase 208Y volts AC. Twenty feet of Type W line-in power cord connects the substation to a primary 480 volt three phase power supply. The secondary current is wired to a 120/208Y, three phase 100 amp load center with main breaker.

The 120 volt line-out protection is provided by twelve 20 amp, 125 volt, 1 pole breakers and two 30 amp, 240 volt breakers. Connection to 120/240 volt is provided by twelve 5-20 120 volt, GFCI waterproof duplex receptacles and two L6-30 240 volt twist lock receptacles.

This power distribution system is NEMA 3R rated and ideal for many indoor and outdoor applications.

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