M2-Mesh Air Filtration Mask With Hepa Filration System

The newly designed M2-Mesh Air Filtration Mask has new features including an abrasion resistant mesh exterior, elastic side straps, and more.

Introducing the newly designed M2-Mesh Air Filtration Mask with Hepa Filtration System. Some innovations that will accompany this new design include:

  • Abrasion resistant mesh exterior allows for easier air flow, keeping you cooler.
  • Elastic side straps, allowing for a more precise fit to multiple different head shapes and sizes. 
  • More light weight than our neoprene mask. 
  • It will accept our current active carbon filter, so the mask can adapt as your needs change.
  • Dual directional exhalation valves expel breath out and away from glasses/goggles.
  • A HEPA filter that allows for more breathability than a standard paper mask. 
  • Hepa filter is still 99.9 percent effective at stopping particulates .1 microns or larger.

For more information, visit the website at http://rzmask.com/.