Rosler’s New C-Lock Wheel

The new design uses the centrifugal force of the spinning disc to lock blades in place.

Introducing Rosler’s (Battle Creek, MI) exclusive new C-lock turbine wheel. This new design uses the centrifugal force of the spinning disc to lock blades in place. The C-lock turbine features dove-tale grooves and a center plate to retain their position and ensure precise blade alignment. There is no need for fasteners, making blade changes quick and easy.

Our exclusive solution also is compatible with your existing housing, motor, control cage and impeller. Upgrading with a C-lock turbine not only decreases downtime but also costs less than fastener style wheels. It’s perfect for three shift operations where reliability is critical.

For more information on the C-lock turbine wheel or how Rosler can help you achieve consistent surface finishing results for less, visit us at