Multiple Titration Stations with Automation Features

JM Science’s Potentiometric Titrator (COM-1700SC) can run multiple titrator stations that easily allow the end user to do different types of titrations including potentiometric, photometric, polarization, and conductometric titrations in parallel. Add a Model C-2012 Automatic Sample Changer to increase sample throughput, automate pH calibration and wash and prepare the electrodes for the next sample analysis. The sample changer also accommodates a wide selection of test tubes, beakers and conical flasks and is equipped with an auto shutdown function.

Totally compatible with various ASTM methods including ASTM D664 for TAN analysis, ASTM D2896, and D4739 for TBN analysis.

The COM-1700SC has reliable high-speed communications with no response time lag and results appear in real-time. The new buret design allows for automatic reagent exchange quickly and efficiently while using a top dead center rest position with minimized dead-space to enhance life time.

A large color touch screen allows for easy monitoring of any station and the titration method and sequence is fully programmable. The COM-1700SC has a built-in thermal printer with easy paper-loading features and is environmentally responsible with the separate collection of electrode washing solvent and water.

Store data on a USB flash memory port or use application software and simply download the data to a laptop or PC for storage or processing. Data may then be exported to any of several types of file formats including Excel, CSV, HTML, etc.