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New Gauge Range Packs

Make it easy to see and know when everything is "good-to-go” with the Gauge Range Marking System.

Gauge Range now comes in three styles: Starter Pack, Standard Pack and Super Pack. Refill packs for each style are also available.

Make it easy to see and know when everything is "good-to-go” with the Gauge Range Marking System. These translucent self-adhesive sheets in red, yellow and green make it simple to mark gauges so that everyone can see if equipment is in the correct operating range. The gauge marking system comes pre-cut, with common gauge sizes including: 1”, 1-1/2”, 2”, 2-1/2”, 4” plus full sheets to customize to your needs. Just peel and stick to mark your gauges for the correct range.

Gauge Range Packs include:
• Three colors: red, yellow, green
• Five year outdoor transparent marking vinyl
• Enough material to mark dozens of gauges
• Handy Storage Folder to hold Gauge Range
• How to Guide "Make Your Workplace Visual with Gauge Marking"

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