New Desiccator Safes from Terra Universal

Fullerton, CA – Terra introduces their Security Double-Agent Desiccator™ Safe that combines strict humidity control with protection against theft or tampering. Store moisture-sensitive items in a nitrogen-purged desiccator, encased in a steel safe. Open safe via an electronic keypad or a keyed lock.
The safe has a fire-rating of 120 minutes at 1700F, and withstands a 30-foot drop test. It also features a unique sealing design that prevents smoke or water damage in an emergency. With nitrogen being fed to the static-dissipative PVC desiccator, the internal environment maintains positive pressure.
The optional Dual Purge™ and NitroWatch® humidity control systems allow automated monitoring and purging to maintain programmed RH set-point. Nitrogen is used only as needed, so labs save money with insert gas use.
Safes come in three sizes to house either a three- or eight-chamber desiccator. The two larger safes also feature locking drawers that can store important documents or other valuable items. The two smaller desiccators come with an anchor bolt to secure them to the floor.
Terra Universal has nearly 40-years of experience manufacturing desiccators and other controlled-environment storage. For more information about Desiccator Safes, visit


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