DIR EYe for 100% Heat Seal Inspection & Process Control

DIR Technologies, a provider of quality and process control solutions for pharmaceutical primary packaging, along with machine manufacturer Shemesh Automation, has introduced the new DIR Eye.

DIR Eye offers 100% inspection and process control for heat sealed packages – all without line slowdown. The new system is economically viable as a solution for heat seal operations in a broad range of packaging sectors, including food, household products and consumer packaged goods.

Package heat sealing is utilized in a broad range of industries: Wet wipes, yoghurt, spices, coffee capsules and cosmetics are just a few examples. As such, the possible applications of DIR Eye inspection are vast, and the availability of this technology could have a significant impact on industry-wide quality assurance standards.

The DIR Eye offers packagers the proposition that the packaging process is not complete without 100% sealing integrity inspection. Engineering best practices dictate that both input and output of any process are equally controlled, something that obviously cannot be attained via sampling, which generates statistical but incomplete data regarding process quality.