Flip Top Lid with Integrated Scoop Cap

Aptar, who manufactures and distributes innovative dispensing products designed to enhance convenience in the Food & Beverage space recently announced its new 120mm Flip Top closure with integrated scoop cap, ideal for powdered foods and beverages.

The lid was developed with Aptar's proprietary BAP® (Bonded Aluminum to Plastic) technology, which uses an aluminum liner to permanently weld the closure to the container, providing an all-in-one foil to closure solution. Among a wide range of benefits to the marketer and the consumers, BAP® allows material savings while improving seal integrity. BAP® is also intended to provide greater tamper evidence and a fresh and safe product.

The closure also provides a new standard of convenience for consumers, as it eliminates the need to dig through the product in search of the scoop. Instead, Aptar's Flip Top lid is equipped with its very own scoop holder.