Cleanroom Talk-Through

Cleanroom Talk-Through from Terra Universal

Fullerton, CA – Terra’s Cleanroom Talk-Through provides an economical and convenient method of hands-free between-room communication. Installed in the wall dividing controlled spaces of different cleanliness levels, the Talk-Through is manufactured from non-contaminating materials.
Laboratories, hospital isolation units, and other restricted environments will experience improved efficiency by cutting down on traffic in to, and out of, controlled rooms—which may require adherence to strict growing protocol. Unlike telephones, they are hands-free, so minimize contamination from touching objects in an ISO-rated room. Talk-throughs also facilitate communication through to restricted areas without delay.
The talk –throughs are made of transparent polycarbonate and Mylar. The polycarbonate creates over-lapping diaphragms for clear conversation and visibility, and the solid Mylar helps maintain the controlled room’s internal pressure level.
Terra Universal has over 35-years of experience manufacturing critical environments. For more information about the Cleanroom Talk-Through, visit


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