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Valves Suited for Specialty Chemical & Mining

CRANE ChemPharma Flow presents its Krombach metal-seated ball valve that comes with a polygon stem-to-ball connection to ensure optimal torque transmission.

CRANE ChemPharma ball valvesCRANE ChemPharma Flow Solutions presents its line of Krombach metal-seated ball valves that are specifically designed for specialty chemical and mining applications. These valves incorporate:

  • A polygon stem-to-ball connection that reduces stress and ensures optimal torque transmission.
  • A self-cleaning system that removes excess particles, minimizes leakage and extends product life.
  • A 2-piece configuration with a flange connection.
  • Precise machining tolerances for the ball and seat.
  • No need to perform seat lapping individually for each valve, thus making both the ball and seat freely interchangeable (if equal in nominal size).
  • A trunnion-mounted ball design.
  • An optional fire-safe body gasket and removable hand lever.