Salesninja Fuels Channel Sales with iPad Sales Cloud.

ATLANTA—October 1, 2015—Today, Anderson Taylor, llc is releasing Salesninja®, a three-in-one tool combining a revolutionary iPad visual sales configurator, a Dealer Management System and a breakthrough admin command center accessible via any modern web browser. The Salesninja system introduces an entirely new mobile user interface for manufacturers to provide to their dealers and sales forces. Salesninja works by utilizing the iPad touch display and pioneering new software which offers sales teams a convenient tool for configuring new orders for with just a touch of their fingers. This software solution was originally built for Miller Industries, a leading truck body builder in the wrecking and car-carrier specialty. Utilizing their industry insight and Anderson Taylor’s technological expertise, this mobile solution ushers in an era of software power and sophistication never before seen.

“Salesninja is a revolutionary product that is literally years ahead of any other sales software,” said Bryan Taylor, Anderson Taylors’ CEO. “We are all visual when we buy, and we use our fingers to point to what we want —now with Salesninja customers can use that same interface to create the a custom product configuration that best suits their needs.”

Salesninja a Revolutionary Mobile iPad Application
Salesninja is a revolutionary new mobile iPad application for manufacturers that allows dealers and their sales teams to make sales by simply tapping on a brand, model, option or accessory. Salesninja syncs all of the manufactures pricing from their Dealer Command Center over the Internet so that dealers and their sales teams always have the latest up-to-date photos, descriptions and pricing. A full product gallery is always at the fingertips of your team and their customer. In addition, the manufacturer or distributor can easily construct a favorites list for the most frequently sold brands and models, and share these pre-configured quotes across all distributors and sales teams.

Salesninja is pioneering a visual quoting tool, an industry first, that lets users create instant quotes, deciding which options and accessories to add depending on the clients’ needs. It automatically saves created quotes and additionally provides the ability to then share them directly through email with an attached pre-formatted PDF. This feature will assist in pricing uniformity and allow for immediate, professional quotes to potential clients. Sales associates can promptly access and review quotes, and once they have gained buyer approval, they can even have them electronically signed directly on the Salesninja iPad app. This is a convenient and secure method for acknowledging client consent. Having a visual tool will not only increase knowledge of accessories and options available to the customer, but also result in a shortened sales cycle that is far more effective and efficient that the old manual method.

Salesninja additionally includes the Dealer Management System with a full quote and user management interface. With this, the dealer can add, edit and mange users. The operations team for the dealer will have immediate access to the purchase order. Salesninja also includes an exclusive profits calculator tool that can be securely accessed by the system users directly on the iPad app and allows access only by inputting a security code to calculate profit and margins “on the fly.”

Salesninja’s unique photo management application will add visual stimulation to the buying process because the user can select, view and zoom into any photo of any model, accessory or option. Sales associates can take their buyer into a virtual showroom allowing them the ease of browsing through the photo library for each truck model or part available to them. Again, with just the simple touch of finger, the client can add to their quote which easily configures a ready to sign document once the client is ready to proceed with the order. If the buyer needs some time to consider any part of the order…no problem, Salesninja automatically saves the customized order for later consideration. Lastly, should the dealer want to highlight accessories unique to their business, Salesninja is currently developing a tab that can be an additional, site-specific tab where buyers can add on even more products that fit their need.

Salesninja is a full featured iPad sales cloud product configuration system
Salesninja includes a web based command center portal for the manufacturer’s administrators to manage all products and pricing. From this command center, the truck builder can set up dealers, associate brands they offer, add models and configure options available for each model. They can then set up accessories for each model and manage paint and install options. The Salesninja system allows for global pricing management and has a robust PO system, which can be managed by administrative users within the system using secured access.

Pricing & Availability
Salesninja will be available in the U.S. in October 2015, Europe in late 2015, and Asia in 2016. Salesninja will be sold in the U.S. through the Salesninja sales team by appointment only. Limited integration and modification services are available, and more in-depth customization is available upon request for additional pricing.

Salesninja requires an iPad 2 or above and a Chrome Web Browser on a standard PC. Internet access is required for pricing updates and to generate final quote signatures but may be used offline for the majority of the quoting process. Anderson Taylor will announce service plans for Salesninja before it begins shipping in October.

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