Endeca Joins The PTC PartnerAdvantage Program

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – Endeca Technologies, Inc., a search applications company, recently announced that it has joined the PTC PartnerAdvantage Program to provide a direct integration between PTC Windchill and the Endeca Information Access Platform.

Combined with connectors to a full range of ERP, PLM, SCM, as well as unstructured web and document content sources, customers gain an integrated view across disparate information sources in their enterprise. With an intuitive search interface, patented Guided Navigation capabilities, and configurable visualizations and analytics, Endeca search applications address business initiatives and critical decision points across the product lifecycle. 

Today’s manufacturers are facing dramatic shifts in consumer demand, huge increases in direct materials costs, and growing pressure to identify new operational efficiencies. Investments in PLM, Spend Management, ERP, and supply chain management systems have created a wealth of valuable information, but this information remains locked within these rigid, process-oriented silos. The challenge is often compounded in manufacturing enterprises that have grown through acquisition and global expansion which have multiple instances of each type of enterprise system.

Endeca offers a quick path to unlock the latent potential of this disparate information. With Endeca, PTC Windchill customers can leverage the broad information visibility provided by Endeca Search Applications to support the many daily decisions required as part of their workflows, whether it is finding inventory or cost for a part, identifying approved suppliers, or understanding outstanding warranty claims. 

“Global manufacturing companies are trying to balance the pressure to be more efficient and cost-effective with customer demand for increased innovation, more product variants, and shorter time-to-market,” said Andy Barlow, senior director of Business Development, PTC. “With the addition of Endeca to the PTC PartnerAdvantage Program, Windchill users will have a powerful solution for combining PLM, ERP, and supply chain data into a single information visibility solution. Endeca is a great addition to our program and can deliver significant new value to our customers.”

Endeca’s manufacturing solutions are built on an architecture that simplifies the integration of data from numerous source systems into a single unified index, regardless of format, structure, and underlying data models.  Powered by Endeca’s MDEX Engine technology, it enables the navigation, aggregation, querying, and analysis of data from PLM, ERP, Spend Management, supplier relationship management product catalogs, and other business critical data systems. Endeca’s solutions have helped leading global manufacturers such as Harris Corporation, Ford Motor Company, Raytheon, Toyota Motor Corporation, and Whirlpool Corporation gather the data they need to make the best informed decisions available.

“This alliance is a ‘win-win’ for all parties involved, specifically our customers,” said Jason Purcell, senior vice president of marketing and product management, Endeca. “To survive in today’s market, companies must respond to the challenges of providing an integrated view of product data across life cycles and value chains. Leveraging the extensibility of the Endeca platform, together we will be able to offer customers an out-of-the-box, high return on investment solution that will improve manufacturers decision-making and innovation delivery.”