Photo of the Day: Getting Pumped Up for the Super Bowl

Take a look at IMPO's Photo of the Day to catch a glimpse of the footballs being manufacturered for Super Bowl XLIX.

The scandal ‘Deflategate’ is not deflating the success of football manufacturer, Wilson Sporting Goods Co. According to the company, questions surrounding footballs used in a previous games are not altering production rates at the football factory in Ada, Ohio as they prepare for Super Bowl XLIX.

The company is producing approximately 3,000 footballs a day, as well as the 108 that will be directly distributed to the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots.

“We try to make at least 3,000 footballs every day, but we’re trying to make more than that right now,” says Dan Riegle, an employee of Wilson for 34 years. “We started as soon as the championship games were over and we knew who would be playing in the Super Bowl. We’ve been working to put Super Bowl footballs out, and we have a time frame of two weeks. There’s not a deadline for it, but there’s a demand,” Riegle adds.

Wilson has been the supplier and manufacturer of footballs used in the Super Bowl since the first Championship game in January of 1967.