Photo of the Day: BMW Commits to 'Make in India' Initiative

In the Photo of the Day see how BMW commemorated their newest commitment to the "Make in India" initiative.

Photo Source: The Associated Press

BMW is making their commitment to Narendra Modi’s “Make in India” effort known. Today, BMW India increased the amount of local material used in its Chennai facility to 50 percent. To honor the day and their localized efforts, India’s cricket star Sachin Tendulkar appeared at the facility — as seen in the picture — to ceremonially help assemble a BMW 5 Series vehicle.

After the experience, Tendulkar was recorded saying, "I am an avid BMW enthusiast and have been driving BMW cars since a very long time. But the experience of making a BMW with my own hands was unique and unforgettable. I am impressed by the high quality standards followed at BMW Plant Chennai that ensure the impeccable performance of a BMW. I got the opportunity to go through the tiniest details and efforts that are put into making a BMW. Next time I take my BMW out, I can proudly say - I have made one!"