Photo of the the Day: New Regulations for French Manufacturers

IMPO's Photo of the Day features products that will be subject to new regulations in France.

Photo source: The Associated Press

Today’s ‘Photo of the Day’ features an array of French vacuums displayed in a French department store. And while, they do look like very nice vacuums that isn’t what is important in this photo. What is more important is what the manufacturers will now be legally obligated to report to the customer about their products like these vacuums.

The French government is taking measures that will require manufactures to acknowledge up-front how long products like televisions, cell phones and other appliances will last. The new requirement is designed to limit ‘planned obsolescence,’ which is when some companies purposefully design products that will last a limited time before they will need to buy a new one.

What do you think?

Do you think that this is a fair regulation to place on manufacturers? Do you think the United States would benefit from legislation similar to this?

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