Photo of the Day: The Newest Car To Be Made in China

In today's "Photo of the Day," see what automotive company is preparing to export cars from China to the U.S. for the first time in the history of their company.

Photo Source: AP

The next Volvo you buy may very well be coming from China, and not Europe like cars of the past. Volvo is now poised to start exporting their “Made in China” cars to the U.S.

While some worry the quality of the vehicle may decrease, Volvo is doing everything to dispel this myth. In fact, the cars coming from Volvo’s new Chinese factory will undergo much more rigorous testing than cars leaving their European factories.

For example, every car that comes off of the Chengdu assembly line will be subject to a five-hour test around the driving track. While in Europe only a few completed cars from each batch are put through testing. Volvo has also made it known that once a month they will dismantle a finished Chengdu car in order to check the workmanship. This is three times more frequently than in their European factories.

Today’s photo of the day shows a worker examining the metal frame of a car at the assembly line in Chengdu.

"I have heard no customer ask me where his car is built. It is built by Volvo and is Volvo quality, and of course Chengdu will be exactly the same," explains CEO Hakan Samuelsson. "I am quite confident that we will demonstrate that."