Elon Musk's Brother, Kimbal, Is Planting Gardens Across America

Elon Musk’s brother, Kimbal, is working on changing the world just like his brother, although he’s going about it a different way.

Elon Musk’s brother Kimbal is working on changing the world just like his brother, although he’s going about it a different way.

Fast Company published an interview with Musk on Nov. 2, in which he talked about his plans to bring organic food to communities around the country. Musk took his particular brand of innovation to the restaurant scene, going to culinary school after he and Elon sold their first company, Zip2. He travels from city to city starting restaurants, using the proceeds, grants, and city funding to build gardens at local schools where children can play and learn about growing their own food.

His ultimate goal is to build 100 school gardens in every city he visits, and to visit and effect 100 cities. So far, he has 251 gardens in 46 communities.

The kind of garden The Kitchen Community creates at schools across the country. Image credit: The Kitchen Community


Musk’s nonprofit endeavors are handled by the garden-building group called The Kitchen Community. Meanwhile, he also advocates for organic farming and wants to work toward a policy that will help large farms transition to certified organic. At present, farms must go through a three-year transition period between then they stop using pesticides and when they can legally have their food certified as organic.

"My goal is to go community by community and help improve the food culture, and get it to a place where we have a healthier society," Musk said.

The Kitchen Community, founded in 2011 raises money for its Learning Gardens through donations as well as through partnerships with other companies, such as Newton Running’s Learning Garden Shoes.

Kimbal Musk has taken a different path than his Silicon Valley brother, but seems to have the same capacity for big ambitions when it comes to changing the way people interact with their world.

(Via Fast Company.)