Jeni's Ice Cream Recalled Over Possible Listeria

Columbus, Ohio-based Jeni's says contamination was found in a random sample by the Nebraska Department of Agriculture. The company said Thursday it was unaware of any related illnesses and was trying to determine the bacteria's source.

Another ice cream company is pulling its products from store shelves due to concerns over foodborne illness.

Nebraska inspectors found a sample of Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams to be contaminated with listeria, a bacteria that can cause serious illness and be fatal in some cases.

As a result, the Ohio-based company announced a voluntary recall of its ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbet and ice cream sandwiches. Jeni's ice cream shops will also close "until we are 100% confident every item we sell is safe," said CEO John Lowe.

Jeni's attributed the recall and store closings to "an abundance of caution" and said it was not aware of any illnesses linked to its products.

The move follows a listeriosis outbreak attributed to Blue Bell ice cream last month. The Texas-based company recalled its products and closed facilities in Brenham, Texas and Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

Officials linked three deaths in Kansas and five sickened individuals in Kansas and Texas to the outbreak.

Sabra Dipping Co. also recently announced a recall due to potential listeria contamination of its hummus.